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Videos and Webinars

The Council’s library of videos and webinars is available here.

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Consensus Decision Making Toolkit

The CDM Toolkit is one of a number of initiatives to honour the memory of Dr. Martha Kostuch. Dr. Kostuch was a nationally recognized environmental activist who made significant contributions to our understanding and use of the consensus decision-making process and how it can lead to innovative and sustainable solutions.

The CDM Toolkit is an outcome of a made-in-Alberta collaboration of consensus decision-making practitioners. A great reference guide for seasoned practitioners, it will also assist those new to the consensus decision-making process. The toolkit is a combination of checklists and templates to help determine whether or not the consensus decision-making process is the appropriate decision-making model for a particular problem. The same checklists and templates will also guide those already participating in a consensus decision-making process.

The CDM toolkit is available here.

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Fact Sheets

As part of the Council’s Communication Strategy 2011-2013, the Council will be developing a series of fact sheets in order to provide our sectors with the necessary tools to facilitate information flows to reach a wider audience within each sector .  The intent is to showcase our key learnings from our recently completed projects in the form of fact sheets to be available to our sectors as informational material.

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Project Team Reports

* non-consensus report, please see project’s page

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Financial Statements

Beginning in 2014, the AWC’s approved financial statements will be posted here separately from the annual reports. Financial statements for years prior to 2014 are found within the annual reports.

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