Albertans work together to ensure our water resource is safe, healthy and well-managed for current and future generations.


The Alberta Water Council is a multi-stakeholder partnership that provides leadership, expertise and sector knowledge to engage and empower industry, non-governmental organizations, and governments to work collaboratively to achieve the outcomes of the Water for Life strategy.


The Alberta Water Council, individually and collectively, is guided in its activities by a desire to be:

  • Collaborative: The Council works with its stakeholders to build consensus.
  • Fair: The Council treats all its stakeholders equally and makes decisions without favouritism or prejudice.
  • Innovative: The Council brings together diverse expertise and experience to develop creative solutions to water management issues.
  • Respectful: The Council shows consideration for all its stakeholders by actively listening and seeking to understand ideas and perspectives while developing consensus.
  • Timely: The Council responds to issues in a timely fashion.
  • Transparent: The Council is open and accessible, with established processes to share information about its activities.
  • Trustworthy: The Council is seen as a respected advisory body to government and stakeholders through the application of its multi-stakeholder, consensus building process.