Guide to Source Water Protection Planning: Protecting Sources of Drinking Water in Alberta (2020)

This how-to video provides an overview of six important steps that are required to create, implement, and evaluate a Source Water Protection Plan. The video is a complementary communications piece to the Alberta Water Council’s Protecting Sources of Drinking Water in Alberta: Guide to Source Water Protection Planning and its companion document.

Alberta Water Council Process (2018)

How does the AWC turn ideas into solutions you may ask? This video will provide an overview of the Council’s process used to get from a project idea to a deliverable.

 Alberta Water Council 101 (2018)

Want to learn more about the Council? This video looks at the AWC’s various sectors, core business areas, and how they work together to provide advice on provincial water management challenges and opportunities.

Source Water Protection in Alberta (April 2018)

How do we protect our sources of drinking water in Alberta? This video looks at the need for Source Water Protection, what it is, and how it is carried out in the province. 

Droughts in Alberta: Learning from the Past and Planning for the Future (April 2018)

Learn about droughts and their history in Alberta, what climate projections tell us about what the future might hold, and what building resiliency to drought is all about.

Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity (December 2017)

From 2006 to 2016, the Alberta Water Council supported Alberta’s seven major water-using sectors in developing, implementing and reporting on water Conservation, Efficiency and Conservation (CEP) plans. This video retraces the history of CEP and highlights the results achieved in a decade.

Water for Life Implementation Review (October 2017)

An overview of our work in regularly reviewing progress in implementing Alberta’s Water for Life strategy. The video retraces the history of Water for Life and explores how the strategy has remained relevant to water management in Alberta over the last decade.

Lakes in Alberta (September 2016)

An overview of general knowledge about lakes in Alberta, including the diversity of lakes in the province, how many lakes there are and where they are located, the value of lakes for Albertans, key pressures on our lakes, and emerging concerns.

Water Literacy (April 2014)

Christina Pickles, from the Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE), provides an overview of efforts to improve water literacy in Alberta and outlines the objectives of the Alberta Water Council’s work on water literacy.

Aquatic Invasive Species (September 2013)

Kate Wilson, Engagement Specialist with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, provides an overview of the risks associated with aquatic invasive species and Alberta’s current monitoring and prevention system.

Water Use Reporting (October 2010)

This video provides first-time users with a step-by-step guide on how to access Alberta Environment’s electronic Water Use Reporting system.