Project Team

The Water Literacy Project Team was formed in March 2014 to develop recommendations to improve water literacy in Alberta. The final report was approved by the AWC board in April 2016.

The team conducted a survey in 2014 to build an inventory of existing water education programs, products, research, assessments and organizations in Alberta and identify gaps and best practices. A consultant was subsequently engaged to design a tool to assess water literacy levels. One hundred Albertans were surveyed to determine their knowledge and awareness related to the management of lakes, wetlands and watersheds; Alberta’s water management system; sector water use; and drinking water, waste water and groundwater. 

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In response to Recommendation 1 in the final report, Alberta Environment and Parks launched the Water Channel in 2018, an online platform to connect water ltieracy practitioners and policy makers, and to promote water literacy tools, events, networking, collaboration and information sharing.

Water Literacy Assessment Tool and Public Water Literacy Survey in Alberta

Final Report

The project team engaged a consultant to develop an assessment tool and prepare a report that informed the team in developing their final report and recommendations. It should be understood that this report was developed for the sole purpose of informing the project team. This report is for information only and contains no recommendations. The AWC does not make any statement or judgment around the quality of this report. Posting this report on this website is consistent with the AWC’s process guidelines.

Webinar: Water Literacy in Alberta