Reviewing the Implementation Progress of the Water for Life Strategy’s Goals and Key Directions.

Water is not only a resource, it is a life source. We all share the responsibility to ensure a healthy, secure and sustainable water supply for our communities, environment and economy. The Water for Life strategy outlines the Government of Alberta’s commitments to manage and safeguard Alberta’s water resources. The strategy has been the vehicle for managing Alberta’s water resources since its release in 2003. For more information about the strategy, see here.

One of the Alberta Water Council (AWC)’s primary goals is to periodically review and provide advice on the implementation progress of Water for Life. The AWC has achieved this through the work of a standing committee, which convenes every few years to review progress and provide strategic, directional advice to AWC members. Since 2008, the committee has operated under a standing Terms of Reference and companion “how-to” guide. Five reviews have been completed to date, with the last review covering 2012 to 2015.

During the last review, the committee noted a need to revisit the approach, particularly how the information is gathered, what advice emerges from the review, and how this advice is incorporated in decision-making. The approach needs to be updated to reflect how Water for Life is administered by the Government of Alberta and the roles of new and emerging groups in the water management system. The committee highlighted the importance of developing and monitoring performance metrics for Water for Life goals. Echoing this, the AWC significantly updated the three strategies associated with the implementation review in its 2019–2021 Business Plan to reflect more current needs:

  • identify and develop metrics for advancing Water for Life goals
  • identify gaps in implementation of the Water for Life strategy
  • prioritize actions and identify roles and responsibilities for achieving the outcomes of Water for Life

For information about this work, please contact project manager Lauren Hall at [email protected] 

To gain more insight into Water for Life and AWC’s role, check out this video: