About this work

The quality of life of Albertans depends on having a healthy and sustainable water supply for the environment, our communities, and our economic well-being. The Water for Life strategy outlines the Government of Alberta’s commitment to manage and safeguard Alberta’s water resources. The strategy together with the support of its partnerships has been a key vehicle for managing Alberta’s finite water resources since 2003. The goals and key directions outlined in the strategy are advanced through the Water for Life Action Plan, which is designed to ensure achievable and timely outcomes that reflect growing pressures on the province’s water supplies. The plan was renewed in 2008.

The principles of Water for Life remain universal, timeless, and relevant to the AWC’s work. Once of the AWC’s core businesses is the periodic review of the Water for Life strategy. The sixth review was completed and publicly released in 2021. Additionally, the AWC released the Alberta Water Futures Report and these reports sparked conversation on what potential steps could lie ahead for our water management system.

The GoA submitted a statement of opportunity calling for further work on the Water for Life file by the AWC. Using a sector-based approach, members have an opportunity to work collaboratively and determine areas for future actions. At the November 2021 board meeting, the AWC struck a working group to develop terms of reference (ToR) for the Action Plan. The ToR provide direction on the intent of the project, the project approach including objectives, membership, budget, and timeline.

The goal of the Water for Life Action Plan project is for partners to identify actions their community or sector is committed to undertaking to address risks and opportunities and advance the goals and directions of Water for Life. The project will develop a written Action Plan for the AWC that provides a clear set of short-, medium-, and long-term actions from across participating Indigenous communities and AWC sectors that further the implementation of the Water for Life goals and key directions. An objective of the project team is to harmonize and sequence actions from across Partners so that potential collaboration opportunities might be identified in the action plan. At the February 2022 board meeting, the AWC endorsed a project team to execute the Terms of Reference

The project is expected to be complete in 2024. For more information about this work, please contact project manager Katie Duffett at [email protected] 

Water for Life Overview

This video provides an overview of the project’s background, related work, and approach.