Project Team

This project team was tasked with completing several key objectives set out in their Terms of Reference:

First, develop a definition of the term riparian lands to facilitate shared understanding of the definition and its intent.

Second, document a description of the current state of riparian lands, management, and stewardship in Alberta and riparian management and stewardship "best practices" (policy, practices and procedures) in other jurisdictions.

Finally evaluate the current state of riparian lands, management and stewardship against the needs of all relevant sectors and propose recommendations for improving riparian land conservation and management in Alberta.

For more information on this team or its work, please contact Andre Asselin at [email protected].



The Riparian Land Conservation and Management (Riparian) project engaged a consultant to prepare a report that informed the team in developing their final report and recommendations. 

It should be understood that this report was developed for the sole purpose of informing the Riparian project team.  This report is informational only and contains no recommendations.  The Council does not make any statement or judgement around the quality of this report. Posting this report on the Council website is consistent with Council process guidelines.

The report commissioned by the team:

Clare, S. and G. Sass. 2012. Riparian lands in Alberta: Current state, conservation tools, and management approaches. Report prepared for Riparian Land Conservation & Management Team, Alberta Water Council, Edmonton, Alberta. Fiera Biological Consulting Ltd. Report #1163.