Source Water Protection

Approved in March 2018 by the AWC board, this Project Team will document existing Source Water Protection (SWP) approaches and provide guidance for protecting public, private, and individual drinking water sources in Alberta. It will focus on the quality of surface and groundwater supplies, while recognizing that quality and quantity are related. This project will advance outcomes of Water for Life and Our Water, Our Future: A Plan for Action. The team is expected to synthesize SWP practices, processes and risks to drinking water sources in Alberta, examine SWP approaches and risk management models in selected jurisdictions, and develop a guidance document that highlights best practices in SWP.

Source water is untreated, raw water from surface or groundwater sources used for drinkng water or other uses. SWP is a risk management process designed to maintain or improve the conditions of water through proactive, collaborative identification, validation, assessment, and management of risk.

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Source Water Protection in Alberta