Project Team

This project team was formed in June 2010 to improve understanding and management of non-point source pollution. This project builds on two recommendations from the Council’s Healthy Aquatic Ecosystems team and was tasked with completing four key tasks set out in their Terms of Reference:

  1. Prepare a working definition of non-point source pollution to facilitate shared understanding of the definition and its intent
  2. Conduct an assessment of non-point source pollution management in Alberta
  3. Assess the policy, practices and regulatory tools that are used to manage non-point source pollution, and
  4. Evaluate the state of implementation of policy, practices and regulatory tools for reducing or controlling non-point source pollution and offer recommendation that provide directional advice on how to better manage non-point source pollution.


The Council’s final report is the first of its kind to use a multi-stakeholder, watershed-based approach to develop provincial policy recommendations for addressing non-point source pollution. The report was released to the public on June 4, 2013 and makes five specific recommendations that reflect the need for knowledge and tools to determine:

  • How much non-point source pollution there is (quantification)
  • Where it is coming from (research)
  • If it is a problem (evaluation)
  • What we can do about it (mitigation)
For more information on this team or its work, please contact Anuja Hoddinott at [email protected] 



The Non-Point Source Pollution (NPSP) project engaged consultants to prepare reports that informed the team in developing their final report and recommendations. 

It should be understood that these reports were developed for the sole purpose of informing the NPSP project team. These reports are informational only and contain no recommendations. The Council does not make any statement or judgment around the quality of these reports. Posting these reports on the Council website is consistent with Council process guidelines.

There are two reports commissioned by the team:

Phase I Report:  T. Charette and M. Trites. 2011. Current state of non-point source pollution: Knowledge, data, and tools. CPP Environmental Corp, Edmonton, AB

Phase II Report: Sanderson, K. and M. Griffiths (2012). Non-Point Source Pollution: A Review of Policies, Practices and Regulations in Alberta and Other Jurisdictions. Green Planet Communications, Edmonton, AB