Aquatic Invasive Species Stakeholder and Jurisdictional Review Project Team

The Aquatic Invasive Species Stakeholder and Jurisdictional Review Project Team was formed in June 2013. The team was tasked with identifying gaps and opportunities for improving awareness, communication and coordination of activities by stakeholders in Alberta that are working to prevent and manage the threats of aquatic invasive species. This work included a review of other jurisdictions’ prevention and management strategies, how their stakeholders are working together to achieve shared outcomes and how these strategies can be adapted or improved for Alberta. The final report was approved by the AWC board in October 2015 and released in 2016.

For more information, please contact Andre Asselin at [email protected].

News Release: Whirling Disease

The project team engaged consultants to prepare a report that informed the team in developing their final report and recommendations. It should be understood that this report was developed for the sole purpose of informing the AIS project team. This report is for information only and contains no recommendations. The AWC does not make any statement or judgment around the quality of this report. Posting this report on this website is consistent with the AWC’s process guidelines.

Recently, a new threat, whirling disease, has been detected in Johnson Lake in Banff National Park. This represents a new challenge for Albertans. The report’s recommendations to improve communication, coordination, public awareness and monitoring to prevent and manage AIS will help support the provincial government efforts to contain whirling disease. More information about the recent detection of whirling disease is available here.

Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species