Alberta Water Council

Working together to ensure safe, healthy and abundant water for future generations of all Albertans.

Welcome to the Alberta Water Council

Established in 2004 and incorporated as a not-for-profit society in 2007, the Alberta Water Council is a multi-stakeholder partnership with 24 Members from governments, industry, and non-government organizations. Its primary task is to monitor and steward implementation of the Alberta’s Water for Life strategy and to champion achievement of the strategy’s three goals:

  • safe, secure drinking water supply
  • healthy aquatic ecosystems
  • reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy

Albertans Work Together

Guided by its vision of all Albertans working together to ensure safe, healthy and abundant water for future generations, the Alberta Water Council brings together the expertise and experience of its members, under a consensus-based partnership.

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Our Projects
Our Projects
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Our Members
Our Members
The Alberta Water Council is comprised of 24 Members organized into four broad categories - Industry, Non-Government Organizations, Government, and the Government of Alberta and Provincial Authorities.Learn More
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide leadership, expertise and sector knowledge to engage and empower industry, non-governmental organizations, and governments to achieve the outcomes of the Water for Life strategy. This is supported by the Council’s values of collaboration, fairness, innovation, respect, timeliness, transparency and trust.

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