Tracking the Implementation of the Council's Recommendations

The Alberta Water Council has been tracking the implementation status of its recommendations since 2012. The tracking system is updated annually in March and involves updating two documents: a Detailed Report and an Update Report. Both reports are available below.

In 2018, the AWC synthesized updates received on 276 recommendations from 19 AWC projects completed between 2008 and 2017. The chart on the right shows the overall distribution of implementation status. For more information on how each status is defined, please refer to the recommendation status key, updated in 2017 to allow for more meaningful updates.

The Update Report is meant to provide a general overview of implementation progress. The first Update Report is somewhat different from subsequent reports as it acts as a baseline.

The Detailed Report, broken down by project, outlines all recommendations that require action, their status (provided by the identified implementer) and challenges to implementation.  The information in the status section can be presented in one of three ways:

  1. providing line by line status of each recommendation,
  2. by grouping recommendations by category or theme within a project and providing a status of the group, or
  3. by providing a general status for all recommendations in one project.

This document is in a table format and fully updated annually. The links below provide access to each project’s recommendations and their implementation status. This page will be updated as the remaining pieces are completed. Please note that the files are set to print on 11' x 17' paper.